VII. 5ft4′ Thickest Butt Sex Doll, Shavonne

VII. 5ft4′ Thickest Butt Sex Doll, Shavonne

Standing at 5ft4′ (163 cm) Shavonne is the thickest Butt Sex Doll that you’ll see today. And while most women with huge butts have small breasts, Shavonne is a cut above the rest as she rocks a huge pair. Honestly, this doll has the perfect body for men who like BBWs – a cute face, huge ass, strong thighs, big tits, and a slim waist.

This Big Butt Sex Doll can pleasure you with all three of her orifices too. Whether you want a quick deep throat, a tight anal session, or juicy vaginal sex; Shavonne is waiting. Her enormous boobs are good for titty fucking as well, making her the ideal woman of your dreams.

This sex doll body is available in two weight options. 61kg & 70kg. The 61kg has slightly smaller proportions but the same height.

VIII. 5ft9′ Curvaceous Doll with Huge Breasts – Cedi

This curvaceous beauty is the missing link to your sex life. She’ll come in and induce the much-needed spice to revive your relationship. Whether you want to elevate your solo masturbation sessions or spice up sex with your partner, Cedi is the real deal.

She’s the adventurous type with curves in all the right areas. And hey, who said you had to give up the boobies? Cedi has a huge pair of breasts that’s yearning for your touch. So, go ahead and feel her boobs. Trust me.More