Most education records are classified as private

Most education records are classified as private

What is an education record? Education records that are subject to these privacy laws encompass a wide scope of information, including grades, housing information, class enrollment, attendance information, counseling or medical records from campus health centers, disciplinary records and tuition balance information.

Schools may release private education records to third parties – including family members – only if the law permits or if the student has a signed a valid authorization.

When may school officials release private education records to family members? It depends on a number of factors; some situations do not require the student’s consent. For example, where the health or safety of the student or others is in danger, school officials may release information in order to deal with that emergency. Those are rare situations.

In most circumstances, family members will need to show a signed, dated authorization for release of information. A form that has been developed for this use is located in the student services office at each M State campus and is available online through the Release of Information Form link above. However, any document that includes the following would be valid: who is authorized to release the information; to whom the information may be released; what information may be released; the purpose for which the information may be used; the student’s signature; and a date. A simple email from the student is not sufficient authorization.

An original release form is not required. School officials may honor a copy cash loan online Arizona of a valid release, including a fax. An authorization could permit disclosure of information by phone or email so long as an otherwise valid release is on file. A form could also authorize on-going disclosures, such as grades each semester.

We encourage you and your student to discuss signing a release before issues of access arise. Releases may be as broad or a limited as desired. You may want to remind your student of the potential negative consequences of not permitting you to have access to information such as tuition balance.More